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 Water ice found by Phoenix Lander.

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Water ice found by Phoenix Lander. Empty
PostSubject: Water ice found by Phoenix Lander.   Water ice found by Phoenix Lander. EmptyFri Jun 20, 2008 1:05 pm

Fer seriously.

As highly tempted as I am to simply use this thread to discuss how NASA said "woot" (Awesome), instead we are going to talk about the fact that Mars has water ice on it. Which is awesome for more reasons than I can even begin to enumerate, but let's start with oh, say, the presence of water on one of the best prospects for colonization in our solar system, the fact that water remains in some form, despite the length of time Mars has been without a thick atmosphere, and yeah, just how totally awesome it is that the Phoenix has found exactly what it was looking for, right there, and that we can now begin testing.

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Water ice found by Phoenix Lander. Pbucket
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Water ice found by Phoenix Lander.
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