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All about Quin

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Harle = You're an ass. =(
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Not being Harle.
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Yes. In large quantities.
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Oh resha can you not see? That we live in a land of misery. People suffering left and right. It just isn't right. But one of the worst lives is mine. I suffer daily and every time. I cry for freedom I cry for help. Yet my calls are not answered. But you Resha you are my light. So shine on my life and let me fight. And we shall go to lands unknown. Hand in hand with a lovers bond. Do you wish this or do you not? Do you want to save me? If you do then take my hand. And my misery shall be banned. So come Resha do you accept me? As your soul mate to make life an ease. Or shall you banish my heart to misery.
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